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The Elements of a Murder by K D Ryder Published November 2011


According to Detective Jim Harrison, the elements of a murder are more than motive, means and opportunity -- they are the victim, the witnesses, the clues, the suspects, the killer himself -- and luck. And it takes an open mind to put them all into context and reach the correct conclusion.

His theory is brought to test when a web of secrecy and deception challenges him when an accident victim turns out to hold the key to a crime he claims to remember nothing about.

World-famous singer Ryan North had gone deer hunting with his brother high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, then was found unconscious under a tree after falling from his horse. The brother told police he had not been with Ryan at the time of the accident, having separated from Ryan to cover more area a few hours previously. North recovered from the severe head injury that resulted but cannot remember what happened to cause the accident.

Months later, hikers find the body of a teenage boy hidden in the snowy woods within sight of the scene of North's accident -- and Detective Harrison learns that the boy disappeared the same day as Ryan North's riding accident. While an ambitious female reporter races Jim Harrison to solve the boy's murder, Ryan North returns to work against doctor's orders and is struggling to produce a musical TV special with the reluctant help of his inexplicably hostile brother. But obstacle after obstacle arises, putting more and more pressure on an already tight schedule, and more pressure onto the still-recovering North. Haunted at night by nightmares involving a green unicorn, Ryan begins to question his own sanity -- until the death threats start to arrive. After Jim Harrison visits Ryan North to ask if he knows anything about the boy's murder, Ryan begins to suspect that the murderer is stalking him, thinking Ryan was a witness to the murder.

The Elements of Murder, apart from being a stirring murder mystery, is a psychological drama, exploring the relationship between two brothers who are the sole survivors of their family, and the fear of loss each harbors if their secrets were ever revealed.


Approx. 450 standard pages if printed. Print version not available at this time.


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Until We Meet Again: A Woman With a Gun Story by K D Ryder



Mike Hammer has nothing on Angela Virago. She calls her gun "Charley," she makes her own rules, and when a sexy male client comes into her office all bets are off -- she's determined to get her man. Described as a bit of a loose cannon by the police psychologist, she was fired from her job in the Myersburg Police Department after one too many high-speed chases. Five years later, she is struggling to make a living as a private detective in a small town far from Myersburg when Andrew Field walks into her life and asks her to investigate . . . him . . . managing to turn both her head and that of her gay assistant, Felix. In the process of investigating the too-sexy Andrew Field's murky past across three states, she and Felix discover a web of deception and intrigue dating back thirty years. Between the shootings, the explosions, the kidnappings, the mob, the FBI, the dog named Max, and the smoldering romance between Angela and her client, this fast-paced story has more twists and turns than a bag of pretzels.



Coming soon to a Kindle or Nook near you.




About the Author


K D Ryder wrote the first version of The Elements of a Murder at the age of 12 and always knew the core premise of the story would make a good novel someday. The first full-length version of the story came off the computer in 1991 and has been 20 years (on and off) in revision (while other books were started) before being published for Kindle and Nook in 2011. K D claims to be a compulsive writer If I walk across the room to look out a window, while Im walking, I am thinking, I walked across the room with trepidation to look out the window, and was relieved to find the dogs were only barking at a stray cat in a tree. Theres a constant screenplay running in my head all the time. I write dialogue for my animals constantly and try to imagine what they are thinking from their facial expressions. They say a writer writes, and Im doing that all the time in my head.


It was natural for K D to be drawn to the mystery genre. Solving logic puzzles was a childhood hobby and that skill is evident in the complex plot of The Elements of Murder and in the somewhat slapstick twists and turns of Until We Meet Again.


K D currently lives alone with cats, dogs, and horses in a small town in Arizona and makes a living as an accountant and free-lance writer.




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